Why Tour Experts

Tour Experts has been a pioneer of travel agencies in Nepal believing in quality services, safety assurance and responsible tourism. Partnership with international business organizations help us in meeting customer’s needs, and bonding with the local community assists us in developing the quality of life of local society. Our Proficient team is remarkably authentic, resourceful and responsible which is why our guests feel safe, relaxed and satisfied with our services. There is no need to look further as all our team members are veteran in cultural holidays and have experiences of about 2 decades in this field.


 Team of Experts

Tour Experts is formed with highly professional tourism experts who have been in this business for more than two decades. Tour Experts believes in team work. Hence we have collaborated with experts of different relevant fields which consist of local specialists of language, culture, nature, history and arts.


Wealth of Experience

With over two decades of constant involvement in the travel and tourism sector, Tour Experts is providing the highest quality services for tour and adventure in Nepal and beyond. All team members of Tour Experts are trouper in the field of culture and nature.


Safety First

Tour Experts looks after the health and safety of our clients as well as our team. All our tour guides are well trained with first aid and mountain sickness too. For health and safety of our clients, we give much priority to everything, from hygienic food to high altitude sickness cure; from first aid to helicopter rescue. All our trips are stocked with comprehensive medical kits throughout the trip. Our guides and staff are highly trained in emergency mountain medicine and work to maintain our strict standards of safety. When problems do arises on the mountains, away from medical facilities, our medically trained guide will assist you as a doctor. The level of training and experience Tour Experts’ guides have undergone, have made them some of the most sought after guides in this profession. Careful planning and vigilant care are taken as we venture into high altitudes.


Client Care

Our hospitality motto is “Atithi Devo Bhava” which means “Guests are equal to God”. Nepalese of all religions are traditionally taught since child to treat guests as god and provide them with conveniences so that they are ‘at home’. With the same understanding, we facilitate our guests from different parts of the world so that they are felt welcome and appreciate what our country has yet to offer during their stay.


Familiarity of the surrounding integrated with our complete selflessness, devotion to our customers and leadership development programs, we strive to impact the lives of prospective climbers and adventure seekers in a way that brings about ever-lasting moment and change by creating opportunity to have experience of a lifetime and accomplish formidable goals. We are committed to guiding every individual on their incredible adventure and equipping every trip with the ingredients required to achieve its ultimate goals.


Team of Dedication and Commitment

All the team of Tour Experts is energetic and dedicated for travel and tourism. Quick response, efficient communications, right guiding services, sales team as reliable consultant and highly experienced climbers makes our team the ‘Tour Experts’. For our business partners, we respond to our partners by providing answers to any enquiries and requests regarding the trip as per the wishes of our customers. Our operating team provides service 24/7 to assist our treasured guests.


Best Price Guaranteed

We are committed to bring you the best deals from the top suppliers and service providers such as hotels, airlines, transportation and other vendors. When you decide Tour Experts to be your service provider, we will ensure you that your choice is appreciated by us by providing the best deal possible.

Tour Experts guaranties you for the best price and your purchase will be sensible and worthwhile. Since we can handle maximum number of clients, we are able to offer best possible rates to satisfy our clients’ purchase and agents through the means of our satisfied suppliers.


Tailored Itineraries

Flexible in nature, we particularly design your holiday trips as per your requirement, budget and needs. We’d be happy to make your desires be fulfilled during your trip. Talk to us about your personal preference so that they are included on your itinerary by letting our experts help you find your kind of holiday. If you are here for a holiday or research purpose, we can arrange your days to be productive in such a way that you can go on a quest to witness rare wildlife at its best in Chitwan and relax on a boat on a lake to meditating and familiarizing yourself at the birthplace of Lord Buddha in Lumbini.


Let us know your expectations from the trip as we will be able to provide individual quotes based upon your program, requirements, time of travel, budget and group size. Your entire holiday is designed around your requirements, explore your interests at your own speed, select your preferred style of accommodation and create the perfect trip with the help of our experienced guides who can get you to your objective through any hurdles.


Responsible Travel

Through all these years we’ve been known to travel with our guests responsibly while making our country flourish. It is very significant for us to become a responsible travel company to fulfill the desire of our guests while not causing detriment to our nation. We encourage traveling responsibly and enjoying while avoiding any action that can offend the native cultures about which our guides will ethically and responsibly accompany you through all the significance of all the cultures and traditions during your travel.