Can I get Nepal Visa on arrival?

Yes, you can get Nepal Visa on arrival. Upon arrival in Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), Kathmandu, Nepal, fill out the necessary required Visa Forms and proceed to immigration. USD$ 30.00 will be charge for 15 days visa. Please bring along 2 passport-size photos (one for the visa and one additional). For more information about Nepal visa click here.


What is the process for advance visa?

If you want to get your visa in advance from back home, please contact your nearest Consulate or Embassy of Nepal.  To find Embassy of Nepal in your country, please click here.


What type of insurance should I have before I come to Nepal? Can I get insured there?

You will need to get your Travel Insurance from your own country, getting a Travel Insurance from Nepal is not possible these days.


What kinds of banking facilities are in Nepal?

Nepal has modern banking facilities and some international banks even have offices in Kathmandu. Almost all foreign currencies along with credit cards such as American Express, Visa, and Master card are accepted in Nepal. Nepal also has ATM facilities.


Do I need to book my trip in advance?

Yes, you are strongly suggested to book your trip in advance, last minute booking might lead to optional for alternative services than promised in your itinerary as during season almost all tourism related agents are pre- booked. We shall of course make every effort to accommodate last minute bookings as well. Click here for details on booking terms and conditions.


Will someone come to pick me at the airport? Are transfers included?

Yes there will be Tour Experts’ Tour officer at the Airport with our company playcard. Yes Tour Experts provides transfers to hotel. Our tour officer take you to your hotel and check you in.


What is the physical condition needed for trekking?

Fitness required varies from trek to trek but for standard departures you should be at least moderately fit, used to some regular exercise. It is understandable that minimum fitness is important for all outdoor activities and as long as you are in good shape without any major health issues, trekking in Nepal should be fine. It is most important that you know you enjoy walking in the great outdoors but you certainly don’t need to be an experienced hiker. The older you are the more important prior fitness and training is. If you planning for longer trek or trekking in higher altitude, it is always advisable to undergo regular exercise prior to 3 months. For detail, please check in your relevant trip’s detail.


Is a Trekking permit required?

Yes, trekking permits is mandatory for all types of trekking in Nepal.  But if you’re planning to do a short tour, you might not need a permit. Tour Experts takes all responsibility to arrange trekking permits, internal necessary permits.


 What happens if there is an emergency?

All Tour Experts’ trekking guides and mountain guides are well-trained in basic first-aid and can deal with basic ailments that may occur during trekking. In case of emergency, we will coordinate and help you get immediate support. Clients safety is Tour Experts’  first priority, so even if it takes to send in Heli for emergency evacuation we will do that without hesitation. Just so that you don’t end up paying hefty amounts to Heli company we suggest you check with your Insurance company and make sure your policy covers such unforeseen situations.


Is there any communication while we are trekking?

Yes there are international call facility along popular trekking routes from where you can make international calls.


What about altitude and medical problems?

Yes, altitude does affect in normal physical performance but provided you are ascending in a safe pace, minimizes the risk of altitude sickness. It is important to get acclimatized as we climb higher. Our treks are designed to help you acclimatize along the way where necessary. We usually do not have medical doctor during the trek but we are quite trained in first aid.